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"I loved theater and I started really falling in love with acting—it helped me feel free, like I could express really who I was. And I think for me it had a lot to do with me being a minority and especially being an Asian American—a lot of our culture is very repressed. In a sense you grow up feeling like you have to be perfect. You have to be smart, polite, you have to be pretty but not too pretty, you have to be well spoken but not speak too much. Finally, in theater class was a chance for me to really dig deep and ask myself, what is it that I want, and who am I.

Kira Yukimura in season three episode nineteen, ‘Letharia Vulpina’.


We met Arden Cho today!

Kira Yukimura in season three episode eighteen, ‘Riddled’.

I know I’m still just the new girl in school.

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arden_cho: Lounging by the pool.. Getting some much needed R&R in Hong Kong!