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This blog is dedicated to the Asian-American singer/actress Arden Cho. Currently, you can catch her on MTV's Teen Wolf as Kira Yukimura

July 26 2014, 02:24 PM

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July 26 2014, 01:16 PM

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18/100 pictures of Arden Cho

18/100 pictures of Arden Cho

July 25 2014, 11:47 PM

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@arden_cho: Goodnight babies😘 Muah! X
@arden_cho: Good morning!! ☀️Starting another week of #filminginNY #Stuck - new Vlog about NY at http://YouTube.com/ardenBchox

July 25 2014, 03:58 PM

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“Have a healthy mental attitude; that’s the most important thing and the best thing you can do for yourself.”

Have a healthy mental attitude; that’s the most important thing and the best thing you can do for yourself.

July 25 2014, 03:56 PM

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Baby it’s you.

July 25 2014, 01:35 AM

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Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura in the midseason trailer of Teen Wolf

July 24 2014, 08:14 PM

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Arden Cho - 2014

July 24 2014, 07:16 PM

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That was after you told me I was a kitsune,
and was going to have to destroy a dark spirit by stabbing and killing one of the few friends I’ve made in this town.
                                     ↳Kira in “Muted” #51

July 24 2014, 12:28 PM

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Kira Yukimura in The Benefactor (4x04)

July 24 2014, 09:37 AM

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Being the shy, awkward girl who didn’t have a lot of friends – theater was the first time I felt like I could open up and be someone I could only imagine to be. I experienced emotions that I hadn’t experienced before. I loved being able to tell stories and make people laugh and feel different emotions. I love acting, performing, and I love what it did for me. It was like therapy to learn, and I wanted to keep learning. It was the one thing where I could take all of the experiences in my life and put it out there.” - Arden Cho